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A changing climate changes everything.
 In a new era of climate instability, we all need to understand how our climate works and how it underpins our daily lives. 
Written in close collaboration with world-class scientists, our comprehensive climate handbook takes you from the climate stability of the past, through the changes we are experiencing today, and into our probable futures. 
Begin a multimedia reading experience that will change how you view the world forever.

Inside the climate handbook
Page 1
The fundamental force driving global climate change is heat. Learn about the gift of climate stability, extreme heat and dangerous temperatures, and the loss of cold days and nights.
Part 2
Warmer air creates a less stable water system. Learn about the intricacies of the water cycle, shifting patterns in global precipitation, and the future of extremes like flooding and storms.
Page 3
Nature needs space and time to adapt and evolve. Learn about the complexity of natural systems, the history of human reliance on those systems, and climate impacts like drought and wildfire.

We lucked into a stable climate. Begin the climate handbook by reading Stability.