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About us

Probable Futures is a non-profit climate literacy initiative that makes practical tools, stories, and resources available online to everyone, everywhere.

What we offer

We offer educational materials and data tools to empower individuals, organizations, and governments to prepare for the futures that are likely, and work to avoid the ones that carry the most profound risks for our world.

Who we are

Probable Futures was founded in 2020 by a group of concerned leaders and citizens who started asking climate scientists direct, practical questions about what climate change would be like in different places around the world. Together with the Woodwell Climate Research Center, we built an online resource that makes the best available climate science actionable.

Our team is made up of individuals and organizations with best-in-class expertise in design, technology, communications, business, and science. We apply this cross-disciplinary thinking to our educational resources and data tools so that they are accessible, resonant, and useful across geographies, sectors, and industries. 

Our name

Probable Futures was inspired by the idea that, thanks to climate science, humans have information about what our planet might look like in the future and the ability to affect that outcome. The plural Futures conveys the existence of a range of future outcomes, while Probable indicates that this range should be used as a guide. Science has given us the gift of knowing, and where we go from here is up to all of us.

Our values

Open access over commercialization

Clarity over anxiety

Thoughtful reflection over moving fast and breaking things

Risk mindset over maximization mindset