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Climate maps

Explore global maps of our extraordinary climate and 
its changing future

Probable Futures maps visualize past, present, and future climate change around the world. With a click and a zoom, you can start using maps to make climate-informed decisions in your own life and work.

“Probable Futures maps added questions to my thought process that I previously didn’t incorporate. I have my matrix for decision-making, and climate is now factored in.”
Raj Patel
“Students were able to view the map globally and explore the vignettes—the mini narratives on how climate change is impacting a person’s life who lives across the world. That was really impactful.”
Meredith Galloway
“Working with Probable Futures and their suite of science-driven, visual, and memorable tools has deepened my understanding of the world around me and changed the way I communicate the urgency of the climate crisis in my work.”
Estaban Gast
“What is the difference between warming of 1°C, 1.5°C, or 3°C? Using Probable Futures maps makes it so clear—people can look at where they live and really understand what each degree of warming might mean for them.”
Greg Findley