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Probable Futures is not a business. It is an unconventional initiative that brings together leaders across culture, business, technology, and design, in collaboration with scientists at the renowned Woodwell Climate Research Center.

Spencer Glendon
Alison Smart
Executive Director
Peter Croce headshot
Peter Croce
Product Lead
21_09_14 Probably Futures0405
Tammy Dayton
Creative Director
Luanna DeJesus
Executive Assistant
Charlotte Venner
Charlotte Venner
Content Specialist
Christopher Schwalm
Senior Scientist & Risk Program Director
Zach Zobel
Assistant Scientist for Risk
Michael Coe
Senior Scientist, Tropics Program Director
Jennifer Francis
Senior Scientist, Arctic Program
Carlos Dobler-Morales
Postdoctoral Researcher
Creative and technology
Stephanie Bogle
Designer and Web Lead,
Moth Design
Leah Fenton
Moth Design
Sara Aube
Moth Design
Mohamad Omran
Full Stack Engineer,
Moustafa Wehbe
Senior Engineer,
Mallory Farrugia
CEO & Founder,
Moonlight Editorial
Lisa Marie Schnaubelt
Editorial Director,
Moonlight Editorial

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Special thanks

Isis Dallis, Philip Duffy, Paul Ford and Maureen Flaherty, Lisa Goddard (In Memoriam), Brian Halligan, Pablo Illanes, Andrew D. Jones, James P. Joseph, Mekala Krishnan, Kira Lawrence, Dag Lohmann, Thomas A. Magnani, Mikel Maron, Dave McGlinchey, Dickon Pinner, Wellington Reiter, Hamid Samandari, the Shifting Foundation, Lisa Tung, Jim and Lisa Valone, Rich Ziade and Samaya Boueri

… And all the people around the world who tested this platform and gave feedback and support. We sincerely thank you.