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Open data & integrations

Probable Futures maps and data are licensed for widespread use and freely available to everyone.

While the maps are always publicly available on the maps page, we also offer a suite of tools to make directly accessing or integrating these maps and data easy and seamless — from interactive embeddable maps that can be added to any website, to customizable map tools, to direct access to the data itself. 

We invite you to explore the offerings below and look forward to seeing how you use Probable Futures maps and data in your work.

Example of embeddable comparison map on a Mapbox blog post.
Embeddable maps

With embeddable maps, anyone can easily embed any Probable Futures map on a website. 

  • Add clear and compelling visual maps of our changing climate to any website, article, story, or application 
  • Can show any place in the world, at any zoom level, and at any warming scenario, in comparison or sequentially

To learn more, follow our embeddable maps guide.

Screenshot of Mapbox Studio showing a Probable Futures map.
Mapbox tilesets & styles

For those with more fluency and comfort working with code, the Probable Futures Mapbox tilesets and styles are a flexible way to create versions of Probable Futures maps with complete customization. Our tilesets are publicly available in all Mapbox tools like Mapbox Studio or Mapbox APIs

To learn more, follow our Mapbox tileset quick-start guide.

Probable Futures Pro

Probable Futures Pro enables you to overlay and combine any data, including your own or third-party data, on any Probable Futures map.

  • Upload and combine any geographic data with any Probable Futures map to instantly explore impacts of climate change on communities, institutions, and industries you care about 
  • Analyze the data to uncover vulnerable areas or export the combined location-plus-climate data as embeddable maps to any website, article, story, or app

Learn more about Probable Futures Pro.

Probable Futures API

The Probable Futures API provides climate data for any geographic location. 

Using the Probable Futures API, you can request climate data for any place in the world by providing a location. You can customize your request to receive a response that includes data for all maps or specific maps, multiple percentiles or one, and any or all warming scenarios. 

Request an API key or learn more in the API section of our documentation.

Download the data

You can now download and use the raw Probable Futures data via the Datasets tab in Probable Futures Pro. 

  • Download complete or partial data for all Probable Futures maps in CSV format
  • Download data segmented by country or the range of outcome percentiles

Learn more about Probable Futures Pro.


We’re here to help. Not sure how to get started?

  • Read the documentation to learn more about how to interpret climate model data, download the data, call the API, make maps, and more. 
  • If the answer is not in the documentation, please contact our Product Lead, Peter Croce, at He will be happy to answer questions or help you get started.

Do you have feedback or ideas? Please email