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Now available for alpha testing

An experiment with climate analysis and storytelling

Probable Futures Pro is an early stage, online climate tool for people who like to tell stories with data. It allows anyone to make customized maps of the things and places they care about in a warming world.

Now open for testing. Learn more or request to join.

Probable Futures Pro displayed on a computer showing a map of power plants in Europe.

This screenshot of Pro explores the intersection between power plants and changes in dry, hot days in a world with 3°C of warming. Because many power plants require water as a coolant, an increase in dry and hot days could be an indicator of risk to power infrastructure.

Pro combines any geographic data with any Probable Futures map.

Upload geographic data to instantly explore impacts of climate change on communities, institutions, and industries you care about. Probable Futures Pro gives you access to world-class climate model data so you can tell stories spatially, and run analyses numerically.

Probable Futures Pro displayed on a computer showing a map of coffee farms in South America.

This screenshot of Pro shows coffee farms in Colombia combined with the number of nights above 25°C (77°F) in a future with 2°C of warming. Coffee typically grows well in a narrow band of temperatures, and examining the futures of nighttime temperatures can help us understand the potential for stress on coffee farms and farmers in a warming world.

Now open for alpha testing. offers interactive maps, science, historical context, and stories to help us all envision a range of climate futures. Probable Futures Pro offers the next step: How will these climate futures interact with the people, places, or things that matter to me?

Pro is now available for alpha testing. Would you like to try it and provide feedback?

Learn more or request to join the group.


Explore questions.

Curious where water shortages may stress reservoirs? Upload reservoir location data to Pro and select a map of heat, precipitation, or drought.


Search for connections.

Everything connects back to climate: Too hot or cold, wet or dry, and problems arise. Where do you see connections between climatic changes and the things that matter most to you?


Share your story.

Understanding and planning for climate change is a team sport. Take screenshots, build a story, and share what you learn.