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Equinox & Solstice Letters

On each equinox and solstice, Probable Futures sends out a letter to our community; browse our past letters below.

Solstice Greetings: Predictions, participation, and play
December 2022

Equinox Greetings: Climate and Culture
September 2022

Solstice Greetings: Bugs and Guts
June 2022

Equinox Greetings: Do you know how to share?
March 2022

Solstice Greetings: Bear Stories
December 2021

Equinox Greetings: A special Equinox letter
September 2021

Solstice Greetings: What should I do?
June 2021

Equinox Greetings: Bounded imagination
March 2021

Solstice Greetings: Small sounding numbers
December 2020

Equinox Greetings: The history of global temperatures
September 2020

Solstice Greetings: The future of “just right”
June 2020

Equinox Greetings: Making a better future more probable
March 2020