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How can I join the Probable Futures data community Slack group?

Please request to join by filling out this form

May I invite others to the group? If so, how? 

Yes, you can invite others to join the Slack group. If you would like to invite someone, please refer them to the Probable Futures data community page

What is Probable Futures Pro?

Probable Futures Pro is an online tool that allows anyone to make customized maps of the places they care about in a warming world. People in the data community use Probable Futures Pro to create maps for their work which they sometimes choose to share in the group. Please see the Probable Futures Pro page to learn more. 

What are the Probable Futures developer resources?

The Probable Futures developer resources are documentation and tools that software developers can use to create applications, platforms, reports, articles, and anything else they can imagine with Probable Futures data and maps. These resources include the Probable Futures API, all Probable Futures maps (Mapbox styles and tilesets), and the raw data for download. Using these resources, anyone is free to integrate Probable Futures data or maps. Learn more about Probable Futures integrations options.

What is expected of people in the data community? 

People in the Probable Futures data community are welcome to interact as little or as much as they would like with others in the group. We invite and encourage anyone to share feedback on the Probable Futures resources and work they create using the maps and data to the extent they are interested in doing so. Seeing examples of how people are using the maps and data help us improve them. 

May I share data or screenshots I create with Probable Futures maps and data publicly?

Yes, and please let us know when you do. Seeing how people are using the maps and data helps us improve them. Please share your work with Peter ( or or find us on LinkedIn.

The organization where I work would like to integrate Probable Futures maps or data directly into our product. How can we do that?

Please see our Integrations page and developer documentation for more information. The documentation is intended to include everything necessary to implement an integration without assistance from Probable Futures directly, and our maps and data are licensed for widespread use including commercial applications. We are also happy to help with integrations by offering advice and examples of other integrations, fixing bugs or implementing feature requests, or simply brainstorming ideas together. To get in touch, please reach out to Peter ( or For more information about our terms of use, please visit our licensing page.