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About the Probable Futures data community

Probable Futures is a non-profit climate literacy initiative that makes practical tools, stories, and resources available online to everyone, everywhere. We offer educational materials and data tools to empower individuals, organizations, and governments to prepare for the futures that are likely, and work to avoid the ones that carry the most profound risks for our world. Read more about our story and work.

About the Probable Futures data community

The Probable Futures data community is a Slack group open to anyone who is using, or interested in using, Probable Futures maps and data to connect and share ideas or work they create using the maps and data. People in the group have used Probable Futures data for analysis, visualization, and integrations with new or existing software applications. 

The group is a convenient way to meet others who are using or considering using Probable Futures maps and data. It is also a good way to connect directly with members of the Probable Futures team who develop and maintain the Probable Futures public platform and other maps-related tools. 

There are channels to discuss using Probable Futures Pro, the Probable Futures developer resources and API, the Probable Futures maps, and more. 

Anyone is welcome to use the Probable Futures Pro and the Probable Futures API but registration is requested. To learn more about these tools, please see the FAQ.

To get started, please register using the link below.