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About the program

Probable Futures aims to increase the chances that our future is good.

We offer useful tools to visualize climate change along with stories and insights to help people understand what these changes mean. Read more about our story and work.

Now, we’re offering new tools to go a step further starting with Probable Futures Pro and Probable Futures developer resources. 

Probable Futures Pro is an early stage, online climate tool for people who like to tell stories with data. It allows anyone to make customized maps of the things and places they care about in a warming world.

Our developer resources are tools that software developers can use to build things with Probable Futures data and maps. To start, we are making a minimal API available.

We invite you to be among the first users of Probable Futures Pro and our developer resources. Learn more below or request to join the group.

About Probable Futures Pro

Probable Futures Pro extends the maps located at by enabling anyone to make customized maps of the things they care about in a warming world. It allows people to upload geospatial datasets and enrich (or combine) that data with Probable Futures climate data.

After uploading geospatial data to Pro, many things are possible: filter the combined dataset to explore how certain metrics of a changing climate interact with the external data, download the newly enriched dataset as a CSV file for further analysis in your favorite data platform, and much more. 

Probable Futures Pro is best suited for people who are comfortable using data, like CSV files. Some of the more advanced features the tool may be appealing to people with backgrounds in data analysis.

Read more about Probable Futures Pro.

About Probable Futures developer resources

Probable Futures developer resources are tools for software developers. Initially, this includes a minimum viable API. In the future, we plan to make more resources available such as Mapbox tilesets, React component libraries, and other ways to access and segment the Probable Futures climate data.

About the private alpha group

Members of the private alpha testing group will have the opportunity to explore tools not yet available to the public built with world-class climate model data. We invite you to explore Pro and our developer resources, use either in your work, and share what is useful and what we could improve. 

By participating in this cohort, you will help Probable Futures refine our offerings and plan for making these tools available to the public. You will also have the opportunity to meet and share work with members of the alpha group through a dedicated private Slack organization.


We hope that through the alpha testing process, Probable Futures and group participants will learn from each other while discovering new ideas, uses, and stories with Probable Futures Pro and the developer resources.

In these early stages, we are inviting participants who:

  • Are willing to experiment.
  • Approach this opportunity with a collaborative spirit.
  • Have a firm understanding of Probable Futures’s core principles and framework for thinking about climate change, or are willing to invest time in Probable Futures materials to become familiar with this framework. This understanding is essential to using Probable Futures Pro and developer resources.
  • Can demonstrate this framework to others and “set the tone” for how the tool should be applied.
  • Will share progress, screenshots, etc. with the Probable Futures team through a dedicated Slack channel. 
  • Will request permission if you want to share what you’ve built  more widely. In general, we are positively inclined to agree to sharing things publicly, but we request that you check with us beforehand during the initial testing period. For Probable Futures tools that are already public, we offer a “CC 4.0 with attribution” license. 

Similarly, Probable Futures commits to:

  • Provide an orientation to alpha testers through a meeting or video, a written manual including technical details, general guidance, and ongoing support through a dedicated Slack channel.
  • Provide secure log-ins for each individual tester.
  • Be reasonably available to the cohort to ideate, contribute, and troubleshoot.
  • Provide technical support as needed.

A note on the future of Probable Futures Pro and developer resources

Our hope and expectation is that we will eventually release Pro and the developer resources to the public. However, because Pro and the developer resources are still in the R&D phase, we have not yet committed to maintaining and supporting them long-term. This means we may choose to sunset one or both or remove access for alpha testers in the future. That said, we do not plan to remove access for alpha testing participants immediately after the testing process is complete. As long as Pro and our developer resources are online, we plan to let former alpha testing participants use them.

If you or your organization would like to discuss ensuring you or your team have long-term access to Probable Futures Pro, please reach out to

Thank you

Thank you for considering joining us in our efforts to create powerful, useful tools to help demonstrate and explore climate risk. The Probable Futures community is still in its early stages, formed around ideas and hope. We invite you to join us in imagining what the future may look like. Where we go from here is up to all of us. 

If you would like to join the group, fill out this form.