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About Us

Probable Futures aims to increase the chances that our future is good. We offer useful tools to visualize climate change along with stories and insights to help people understand what those changes mean. We want you to join us to explore the physical world, understand what’s coming, and internalize the consequences of climate instability.

Amplifying Our Message

We welcome your help, your imagination, your ideas. Wherever and however you connect with your networks, help us to thoughtfully reframe the conventional conversation around climate change. You’ll notice we’re not on social media right now. We believe that this subject matter must be heavily considered and not casually scrolled past. In these first months of sharing this work with the public, we are focusing on providing the most useful and comprehensive context possible, and that is through our platform. If you use social platforms, we invite you to share the work, maps, and stories of Probable Futures. Use the hashtag #ProbableFutures so we can follow along.

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We’ve produced optimally-sized post assets for each social channel. Download all assets here (the download may take a moment) and mix and match with the sample content below.

Sample Content

Edit and customize these posts to make them your own, or just copy, paste, and post.


If you’re interested in #climatechange, spend some time with #ProbableFutures, a new digital experience and map-based platform that helps us explore and understand climate instability.

Civilization was built on the foundation of a stable climate. What will the world look like without it? #ProbableFutures empowers us to imagine the various climate scenarios awaiting us and prepare and adjust accordingly. 

#ProbableFutures vividly illustrates the consequences of #climatechange. And if we use it to understand, internalize, and reflect on the future, we can act with intention and courage. 

Supported by a team of world-class experts at @WoodwellClimate, #ProbableFutures brings climate science to life through data and storytelling. It’s a valuable resource to help integrate climate into your daily decision making. 

Do you know what #climatechange will bring? Do you know how to plan for it? Do you ever imagine what life will be like? Explore these questions with #ProbableFutures. Interactive maps, compelling stories, powerful science, and trustworthy data come together through the #ProbableFutures platform. Grateful to have this resource in my own #climate journey.


Civilization was built on the foundation of a stable climate. So what will the world look like without it? A growing community of leaders across culture, business, technology, and design have joined scientific experts to launch #ProbableFutures, a new digital experience designed to help us ask that question and better understand and internalize the urgent and growing challenges posed by climate instability. I encourage you to explore the platform and revisit it often.


When it comes to #climatechange, civilization and bountiful nature are what’s at stake. This planet is extraordinary and extraordinarily precious. There is no other place like it. I spent some time today with #ProbableFutures, a new digital experience with interactive maps and powerful stories that remind me just how critical it is that we understand, internalize, and make a personal commitment to act with intention on climate. Check it out at


Supported by a world-class team of experts at @woodwellclimate, #ProbableFutures combines trusted data, compelling stories, and beautiful, interactive maps to help us collectively explore and understand climate instability. This tool and resource encourages each of us to consider our area of influence – from the workplace to what we teach our kids at home – and act accordingly. Visit the site, spend time with the content, bookmark it and revisit it often as you find ways to factor #climatechange into your daily decision making.

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